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Savannah Winston, President - 04/2024
Email:  SWinston@prestonmaryland.us

Douglas VanDerveer, Vice President - 04/2025
Email:  DVanDerveer@prestonmaryland.us

Janice Isenberg - 04/2026
Email:  jisenberg@prestonmaryland.us

Steven Hildenbrand - 04/2023
Email:  shildenbrand@prestonmaryland.us

Richard Petroske - 04/2028
Email:  RPetroske@prestonmaryland.us

Town Office Location
105 Backlanding Road

Planning and Zoning

Committee Members
Sharon Gutz
Karin Packard
Joel Butler
Steve Hildenbrand
Pastor David Casey-Motley

Committee Meetings

P&Z meets the second Tuesday each month in the Town Office.
To be placed on the meeting agenda,
phone the Town Manager Amber Korell at 410-673-7929
or e-mail prestonmanager@prestonmaryland.us

Town Manager

Amber Korell
Phone: 410-673-7929
Fax: 410-673-2963
Email: prestonmanager@prestonmaryland.us

Town Clerk/Code Enforcement Officer

Sandra McDonald-Gondeck
Phone: 410-673-7929 Fax: 410-673-2963
Email: prestonclerk@prestonmaryland.us

Board Of Appeals

Mark Butcher - Chairperson
Kathleen Barry
Dawn Gencel
Board meets as needed.

Public Works Department

Public Works Supervisor, Dale Whitley
Email: publicworks@prestonmaryland.us

Public Works Assistant, James Shahan
Email: publicworks2@prestonmaryland.us

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Commissioners of Preston · P.O. Box 91 · Preston, Maryland 21655 · 410-673-7929 · Fax: 410-673-2963 ·