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Douglas VanDerveer, President
Gary Waltermeyer, Vice President
Kathleen Barry
Nelson Anderson
Robert Stacey

Town Office Location
105 Backlanding Road

Planning and Zoning

Committee Members
Robert Lorenz, Chair
Steven Hildenbrand
Rosemarie Stacey
Dawn Becker
Phillip Broussard

Committee Meetings
P&Z meets the second Tuesday each month in the Town Office.
To be placed on the meeting agenda,
phone the Town Manager at 410-673-7929
or e-mail Stacey Pindell

Parks and Recreation Committee

For information or to volunteer contact:
Dawn Malosh at 410-673-7929

Click on the Events link to the left to view our planned activities.

Town Manager

Stacey Pindell
Phone: 410-673-7929
Fax: 410-673-2963
Email: Stacey Pindell


Stephanie Dalton
Phone: 410-673-7929 Fax: 410-673-2963

Board Of Appeals

Rick Nelson
Board meets as needed.

Public Works Department

Director of Public Works
Dale Whitley

Codes Administrator Phone

David George


Roy Geiser of TGM Group


Walter B. Palmer

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