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Preston's population is approximately 719. We have a peaceful, thriving community with a hearty mix of descendants of original and early settlers whose forbearers handed down high ideals and traditional values of family, home, church, and Country. These ideals and traditions are evident today. Added to this mix are newly arrived young couples who wish to raise their children in such a community, as well as retirees seeking the same wholesome lifestyle.

While some of our citizens work outside our community, it would not be quite truthful to label Preston as a bedroom community since a large number of residents own and operate local businesses, farms, raise poultry and/or livestock, or are watermen.

Old mansions and early-built homes, moved from old farmsteads during Preston's early days, stand side-by-side in attractive harmony with newer modern communities on Apple lane and Tidewater Farms.

Come and visit us soon and enjoy summer-long little league games played simultaneously on Preston's ball parks, or visit us in June during the annual Preston Carnival hosted by the Preston Volunteer Fire Department in conjunction with the Preston Lion's Club.

Or you can breakfast the first Sunday of every month at the firehouse, attend our local Peach Festival, enjoy the Boy Scout's annual spaghetti dinner, or indulge yourselves when our local churches host dinners and rummage sales. You can also travel to the Choptank River, not five miles from here, where you can either launch your boat from the marina, or fish and crab from the wharf.

Click here to view incredibly beautiful photos of a winter walk through Preston by longtime resident and Commissioner William Willis and his dog Hayden. http://prestonwalk.blogspot.com/ Click on each photo to enlarge to full screen view and savor the natural beauty of Preston.

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